Friday, December 8, 2006

Sony could separate electronics and entertainment divisions and look at divestitures, executive says

Sony could separate its core electronics and entertainment businesses into two separate public companies, Sony CFO Rob Wiesenthal said.
The company will also look at divestitures, according to Wiesenthal. “Our goal is to revitalize the core electronics business,” Wiesenthal said. If the company fails to increase the value of that division, Sony will consider other options, such as making the electronics division a separate public company, Wiesenthal said.
Wiesenthal also said that the company will look at divesting sections that were considered “sacred” before. Divesting those divisions would be "difficult", but Sony would still consider divesting them, Wiesenthal said.
Wiesenthal said that Sony had divested sections of its financial services business and retail business. “There is more to come,” he said.


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