Thursday, February 28, 2008

TransCanada Corporation mulling acquisitions

TransCanada Corporation, the Canadian energy services firm, stated in its annual report released on 27 February that it will consider using buys for growth.
The company stated that it is pursuing the development of greenfield and brownfield pipeline projects to grow its North American pipeline and related infrastructure business, which includes frontier natural gas pipeline projects such as the Mackenzie Gas Pipeline (MGP) and the Alaska Pipeline as well as crude oil pipeline projects to meet the growing demand for transportation of Alberta oilsands production.
The company stated that other possible avenues of growth include the following: "acquiring synergistic natural gas transmission assets that complement TransCanada’s existing core regions; acquiring partners’ interests in associated pipelines to enhance strategic control, profitability and value; and acquiring stand-alone gas transmission enterprises in new regions of North America where critical mass and solid competitive advantage can be established".
The company stated that, in addition, it is also pursuing the development of natural gas pipeline infrastructure and associated LNG regasification terminals in Mexico and aims to grow pipeline earnings from PipeLines LP through acquisitions and organic growth.
The company reported CAD 1.22bn (USD 1.25bn) in net income from continuing operations for the year ended 31 December 2007.


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